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Customer Awareness & Education

How Elizabethton Federal contacts customers

  • Elizabethton Federal’s employees will not contact you on an unsolicited basis and request electronic banking credentials.
  • In the event of extraordinary circumstances we shall request that you come into one of our offices.
  • If geography presents a problem we will ask you to contact us at our main office so that we can deal with the issue.
  • Elizabethton Federal does not conduct surveys or incentive programs requiring electronic banking credentials.
  • Consider all unsolicited emails purportedly from Elizabethton Federal with utmost suspicion.

Do’s & Don’ts that customers can implement to lessen fraud risks

  • Do not write down passwords.
  • Change passwords on a frequent basis.
  • Don’t share passwords with anyone.
  • Review your monthly statements for non-authorized account activity.

Contacts at Elizabethton Federal Saving Bank in the event of suspicious account activity
(423) 543-5050

  • Matt Adams
  • Carol Childers
  • Alissa Easley

Protection provided and not provided to customers relative to EFT under Regulation E

 – Customer Liability:

  • Loss or Theft: If a customer reports the card missing to the institution before any transactions occur, they are not held responsible. A customer can be liable for unauthorized withdrawals if their EFT card is lost or stolen and they do not follow certain criteria.
  • Loss is limited to $50 if institution is notified within two business days
  • Loss could be up to $500 if institution is notified between 3 and 59 days
  • If loss is not reported within 60 business days customer risks unlimited loss on transfers made after the 60 day period – could lose all money in account plus maximum overdraft if any